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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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later. 60s, 70s and 80s. >> all right, thanks, steve. here is a look at highway 24. traffic on the right-hand-side toward the caldecott tunnel and there no problems to report. 237 milpitas westbound traffic no problems. 5:00, let's head back to the desk. >> tracking developing news there. a man was stuck between buildings. for you we hear now we hear he may be a suspect. janine de la vega has this report. >> reporter: this rescue happened and it was dramatic because of that. he was stuck between this orchard supply and he was stuck between this indian market on the left and in between an 18 inch gap. now i am going to interview
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captain reggie williams with the san jose fire department who was called out here, a very strange call but can you tell me how challenging that rescue was? >> it was a very difficult challenge for us this morning. after 2:00 a.m. the police department summoned us for a ladder. we realized that and required rescue from them. we used 18 personnel along with that to get this gentlemen out. >> kind of a crazy story you were trying to figure out who -- how did he get there. >> yeah, we are not sure what he was doing. we do understand he was the one that called for help. once the police department realized they could not get him out they requested assistance from the fire department. >> okay. all right. as far as police go we are still waiting for a lieutenant to come here but we were told by a sergeant they believe this man who was stuck in between
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the building was actually a suspect who the chp was chasing last night. they think he crashed his car, because they found two cars crashed there. they believe that he fled on foot and somehow he was hiding and he got trapped and fell in between these two buildings. the next thing they know at 2:00 in the morning they are receiving a phone call from a man who says he is trapped between the two buildings and he was chased by two men with a knife, so they are trying to see if that story holds up or if this is the same man that chp was chasing last night, so a lot of things that we are still trying to confirm and hopefully we can get some answers for you coming up in the next half-hour. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, a ktvu channel 2 news. >> 5:03. following news in the east bay. police right now are investigating a deadly shooting that happened hours ago at west
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mcarthur boulevard. alex savidge is there. what do you know? >> reporter: in talking with police this morning they don't know a whole lot about this man found shot to death in the street. this homicide investigation still unfolding out here. you can see behind me it has macarthur boulevard shut down at market street. the shooting appears to have taken place about halfway down the block on the right side of the street. right in front of a car. that is where this man's body is still sitting right in the roadway at this point. everything happened just after 2:00 this morning when police got 911 calls from neighbors about gunfire in this area. officers showed up and obviously found the victim. we watched as they searched the area looking for any sort of evidence they could find. looking in backyards driveways and near homes. investigators don't have any sort of description on the shooter involved in this inspect. but what this is doing is potentially causing a traffic issue this morning because macarthur boulevard is entirely
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shut down and it leads right into the freeway entrance for 580 and 80 that takes you directly into the maze if you are trying to go west into san francisco or get on to 80 and go east, so this could be a traffic issue because this will likely remain closed down macarthur boulevard for several hours this morning as this homicide investigation unfolds here in oakland. live in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> an early morning fire in the mission district sent more than two dozen people out of their homes. it started after 1:00 this morning at an apartment building near the intersection of 22nd and fair oaks streets. firefighters were able to get it under control in just about 30 minutes and every 1 was able to make it out okay. >> the people are not able to go back inside. we have fire damage on all floors there and we have some fire damage and the fire into the first floor. >> the cause of the fire is still being investigated.
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about 26 people are being helped by the red cross. >> 5:05. funeral plans are being made for officer kenyon youngstrum. the husband and father of 4 died at june john muir medical center last night. he never recovered after being shot in the head during a traffic stop tuesday morning in alamo. several people gathered last night for a vigil in fairfield where he lived. they held candles and wore blue and gold ribbons. his friends say he was known for his compassion. now his organs are being donated now. they will go to eight donor recipients. more information is coming out about the gunman involved in that shooting. investigators are describing 36- year-old christopher boone lacey as a loner. forensics teams are going through his mobile home near chico. police say they have seized at
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least six computers and various disk drives. also video from a police dashboard camera shows officer youngstrum on the side of interstate 680 dealing with a did deer on the road when another chp officer pulled over his jeep for a blocked license plate. youngstrum motioned for him to pull in behind his car and then moments later lacey shot and killed him. >> former president bill clinton made quite an impression as he told the country from the democratic national convention last night why president obama should be re-elected. >> -- barack obama to be the next president of the united states and i proudly -- >> -- delegates that president obama needed four more years to continue repairing the economy. coming up more highlights from president clinton and the big conclusion set for tonight. twitter is reporting a record number of tweets from the two political conventions.
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during the 2008 there was a total of 360,000 tweets. so far this year twitter is close to 9 million tweets for the two conventions combined. there are also more google searches and blogs about the conventions being recorded. >> wow. >> that is how people communicate now. >> it is. 5:07. tara is back to get you to where you need to go. another brush fire. >> yeah, we had one earlier there earlier in oakland and now there is a brush fire on 80 eastbound near the carquinez bridge so it is a developing situation. we will keep you posted. the east shore freeway 80 westbound those headlights seems like traffic is moving along nicely, a look at 880 near the coliseum shows traffic flowing well in both directions, finally san mateo bridge, you can see same story on the right-hand-side are folks driving toward foster city and traffic is looking good. 5:08 here is steve. >> all right, tara, well,
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yesterday, how about that? you can get that yesterday, today less activity but it is still there, it is still there so i won't let it go, i won't let it go until then when we will do that, but a different pattern, my friend yesterday texted me and said, steve i love this weather and it is a change you know nice to do that. yesterday that there and today still some popping up so have to keep an eye on for later today. when they are there this early all you need is heat. so showers today but warmer inland, more sun, especially towards the north bay towards there but there is a lot of fog there. we are-the coast not going to change much. 60s, 70s there. 50 there, 51 there, 59 antioch, 59 there, 54 and 52 there and there. still cloud cover and that is favoring that area more so than there but there so south bay and east bay more in line
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than there but again i am -- i broad brushing this forecast, still a possibility of that, it does look warmer inland just by that fact but keep an eye there especially those could do that. 50s, 60s and 70s and warmer there instead of that we will get that. the higher clouds will be out -- they will boot scoot but it looks like that with that it should not do that, so over to you. >> a problem there, why some passengers had to be evacuated. >> the highest number of west nile cases since the illness has been discovered. why this is the worst outbreak ever. >> traffic looking good there. we will have an update on the fire near the carquinez bridge coming up. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon.
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we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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welcome back. 12 minutes after 5:00. this is a worst outbreak of the west nile virus since the illness was first discovered. nearly 2000 cases are now confirmed. the center for disease control and prevention says the number of cases rose 25% in the last week alone, california has 55 and two deaths, the total number of deaths for this season is 87, officials say a mild spring, hot summer and heavy rains in some areas contributed to this year's increase. neighborhoods in eastern
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contra costa county will be fogged with insecticide tonight. take a look at this map showing the areas treated in discovery bay and byron. the fogging will start at dusk and continue until 11:00 p.m. weather permitting. the spraying is aimed at controlling the mosquito population and the spread of west nile virus, samples tested positive within the last week. >> 5:13. last night was a big night at the dnc as a former president stole center stage while the president was officially nominated for re-election. sandra endo live in charlotte, north carolina with a look at what happened last night and what is to come tonight. >> reporter: good morning, dave, it was quintessential bill clinton last night laying out the framework for what is at stake but tonight belongs to
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barack obama. he will take the stage and make his case. he made a forceful endorsement of president barack obama on day two of the democratic convention. >> i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states. >> the former president commanded the crowd, speaking for 48 minutes, making the case obama has a better path forward for the next four years. he countered criticism that voters are not better off now than four years ago. >> no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> -- reforming healthcare and saving the auto industry. and the former president delivered a clear dis distinction of what this race comes down to. >> if you want a winner take
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all, you are on your own society, you should support the republican ticket. but if you want a country of shared opportunities and shared responsibility, a we are all in this together society, you should vote for barack obama and joe biden. >> it started off with dissension when they were voting on the platform, god and jerusalem were left out but later included. >> i will do that one more time. >> taking three votes to pass. the stakes are high -- the stakes are high tonight. recent polls show obama and mitt romney in a dead heat. live in charlotte, i am sandra endo, back to you. >> all right, sandra. now you can watch his big speech right here on kt v ktvu channel 2 news. we will carry them live and on our website, all scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. >> a san jose airport terminal is back open this morning but that is following an evacuation, people were cleared
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out of the airport's terminal b last night when smoke was spotted in an elevator. firefighters say some hydraulic fluid overheated. the evacuation lasted about 45 minutes and passengers had to be rescreened but form we fortunately we hear nobody missed their flights. a judge has done that. it allows them to do that. proponents are hailing the decision but critics call the law divisive and will pave the way for that. 5 other states including utah have passed them. >> the cable car bell ringing contest will be held in san francisco today. just like this, this is video from a previous contest, pat. there is an amateur
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competition, followed by the main competition that features the cable car conductors. everything starts noontime at union square. >> that is neat. i wish they could do it in the summer though because -- >> yes -- >> -- watch -- >> -- yes -- >> -- sal on traffic today. >> 580 eastbound at the west mac art west mcarthur and san pablo is shut down and also right there fire crews are on scene. we will keep you posted. here is highway 4 in the area, westbound traffic to concord, there are headlights moving so that is good news. we are still in the clear there, should not see things getting sticky there for another hour, and 680 on the sunol grade, traffic on the right-hand-side southbound toward highway 17 no delays to report. 5:18, here is steve.
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>> tara, thank you. well, yesterday not too bad, not too bad. i -- everybody in on this from there to there and there a little bit of light rain sprinkles and definitely thunder and lightning. today looks quieter although things are picking up soul of us mainly towards morgan hill, san jose, san martin, gilroy, santa cruz mountains and there and there, right there, so i mean yesterday i mean by this time things were a little bit more active but they are still there and it is very early as you know so we will do that. mainly south and east so far today compared to yesterday. 50s on the temperatures, low, mid to upper. you can see plenty of complowd cover. southern california in on this party as well but it does look like some of this activity is favoring a little bit now more south than yesterday but still an unstable pattern, more sun there and there if you can break through that but they are there so the possibility of thunder showers mainly east and south, scattered showers are possible. suband clouds, a little bit warmer inland. yesterday temperatures came
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down into the 70s. more lower 80s today. only away from the coast. by the coast still fog. so 60s, 70s and 80s, lower 80s for some. maybe a few mid-80s. farther north you go, lake county, mendocino county better opportunity to be warmer around the coast and by 60s and 70s, a big old fog bank there, in september things start to change on the coast. we have not seen that yet. fog still in the picture higher clouds should disappear, more sun, should be nice as we go into your weekend. >> thank you steve. european markets all up. the announcement the banks will leave the interest rate unchanged came in within the last hour. overnight nearly all of the asian markets finished with gains as they were showing optimism that would be the result this morning. overall gains were small though with australia the biggest winner finishing up less than
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8/10s of a percent. let's check in our future. a mixed picture, no big moves, they are perhaps doing that as well. right now after that the futures look like a very positive opening here. shareholders apparently not impressed by their new smart phone. nokia stock fell 16% after it was introduced yesterday. it runs on windows phone 8 and will be available after october. but microsoft still -- >> yeah -- >> -- iphone. >> all right, pam. time now 5:20. a birthday for bart. 40 years this month. bart wants to celebrate how you could be a part of it. >> fire still burning out of control across california, the hope that crews are getting from mother nature. i'm a professional stylist
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savings direct to you. i'm a maxxinista and now so are all my girls. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. welcome back. too many now 5:23. rain and cool temperatures are actually helping them gain ground on that fire there. in the san gabriel mountains northeast of los angeles but the rain came in from that tropical storm up from mexico. the fire covers more than 4000 acres. it is about 44% contained. an evacuation warning is especially effect there. they are fire miles apart there. the fire started tuesday afternoon n the rumsey canyon
5:24 am
area. that area also may have to evacuate. cal fire says 3500 acres have burned so far. that fire is only about 10% contained. smoke and haze are actually prompting air quality advisories today in lake and caloosa county. >> time now 5:54, a major victory for pg&e, a investigation concluded they did not cut corners over welding pipelines there. pg&e was accused of welding pipes that were corroded. whistle blowers complained that inspections didn't comply with regulations, however after an investigation the commission says it could not find cases supporting those claims. the commission is working on developing new safety guidelines to prevent a disaster like the san bruno explosion almost two years ago to the day where eight people were killed. >> a rare plant, native to the bay area, is now on the in
5:25 am
dangered list. it was thought to be extinct until one shrub was discovered during a project. it was moved in for protection. now the government could set aside more than 300 acres at 11 different sites as a critical habitat in an effort to help it recover. bart hits the 40 year mark, celebrating 4 decades. in honor of their operation bart officials are hoping to collect old photos and memorabilia of years past to display in some of their stations. keep your eye old for old maps and tickets and advertisements and photos from the 1970s showing bart agents in bell- bottom uniforms, if you have old photos feel free to mail them there or post them there.
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5:56 :26 is the time, let's check back in with tara. >> that is looking good so that is good news for you doing that or whatever you are going. it was foggy but that seems to have dissipated so we are in luck. let's take a look outside, 280 at the 880 interchange, those headlights are 280 northbound toward santa clara. the golden gate bridge was fogged in but it appears everything is back to normal. clear sailing into san francisco. 5:26. let's let's head back -- let's head over to steve. >> all right. let's do that. partly cloudy skies and low clouds and fog there. some of that very very close, still though highs today should be about the same as yesterday maybe warmer inland. coming up in our next weather segment we will take a greater look at some of those showers down there, pam. >> thank you steve. the road linking them was shut down for hours. how a big rig fire caused such
5:27 am
a big mess overnight. >> this morning the memory continues to grow outside the chp office in martinez as this community mourns the loss of officer kenyon youngstrum. >> also a man had to be rescued after getting stuck between two buildings. what police say he was doing.
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well, welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news,
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thursday, september the 6th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, time now is 5:30. let's check in with steve paulson, same -- >> -- south yes -- >> -- okay -- >> -- from about san jose south toward there and also there. yesterday at this time time -- excuse me, it was about the same although it was stronger coverage, so today 50s, fog there, 70s warmer inland with 80s, take a look at that in 5 minutes down toward there. >> all right. and speaking of the south bay this is 280 san jose, traffic is flowing well. in san rafael traffic flowing nicely into san francisco this morning. 5:31. let's head back to the desk. >> tara, thank you. at 5:31, developing news, a man was rescued there after he was found stuck between two buildings and now that man may be a suspect in an earlier police chase. officials say the man became stuck between an orchard supply hardware store and a strip mall
5:31 am
early this morning. rescue crews used ropes and pullies to lift him out. >> it took approximately 90 minutes to get this gentleman out. what we had was a person that was on a roof who fell down between two buildings approximately 20 feet. >> now the man is claiming he got stuck while trying to hide from two men who tried to attack him with a knife. but police think he may by the same man who crashed into a car on 101 then ran away from the scene and had been hiding from now at half staff this morning to honor a local chp officer killed in the line of duty. claudine wong is at the highway patrol office with the show of support for him and his family. >> reporter: good morning, pam, yes, the memorial outside the front doors of this office is growing this morning. you can see there are flowers, balloons, and cards left there, some from children. just within the last 30 minutes one man came by and left a
5:32 am
small hot wheels car and a note. clearly this is a difficult time and the chp is asking for privacy for officer youngstrum's family so they can, "learn how to face tomorrow with kenyon. ." >> this evening at approximately 6:05 p.m. officer ken wrong youngstrum was pronounced deceased. >> that announcement was made last night outside the medical center where he had been surrounded by his family and members of his law enforcement fame. he had been on life support since he was shot on tuesday. youngstrum was mereyed and from everything we have been told his family and his faith meant everything to him. he has two sons, two daughters, four brothers and a sister around his parents live there. the chp said his family is strong, united and courageous and grateful for the support. >> this has been a life altering tragedy for the family and certainly a tragedy that has affected us all deeply to the core. >> officer youngstrum lived
5:33 am
there with his family. last night they held a vigil and wore that and prayed. >> that you lord would bring healing to this community that has lost a hero. >> a public memorial service is now being planned and thousands of law enforcement officers are expected to attend. a fund for the family has been set up at wells fargo. live here in martinez, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the investigation into the gunman is intensifying this morning. investigators describe 36-year- old christopher boone lacey as a loner. forensics teams they have been going through his home there near chico. police already have seized computers and disk drives. video from a police dashboard camera, that is helping the investigators piece together what led up to the shooting. officer youngstrum was on the side of interstate 680. he was dealing with a dead deer there when another officer
5:34 am
pulled over lacey's jeep for an obstructed license plate. youngstrum motioned for lacey to pull in behind his patrol car. >> the dash cam video shows that officer youngstrum and lacey had a short conversation, then without any warning, lacey pulled out a gun and shot officer youngstrum in the head. >> the second chp officer ran up an embankment and shot lacey. he dayed later at a hospital. investigators recovered a gun, two magazines, ammo and a knife from his jeep. >> we are following developing news out of oakland where police are on the scene of a shooting, alex savidge is on the scene as well. >> reporter: good morning, yes, one man found shot to death in the street here. the corner as officers just arrived here on the scene, the
5:35 am
coroner is just removing his body, this investigation has shut down macarthur boulevard at market street. the shooting happened on the right-hand-side of the street and the investigators seem to be focused on a black jetta in that area. i want to show you video from a short time ago. a man showed up here and told officers the victim is his son. he was clearly distraught and officers talked with him for a short time. this started after 2:00 this morning police got 911 calls from neighbors in this area about gunfire, they arrived and obviously found him dead in the street and began to search looking for evidence. an officer here tells me at this point they don't have a whole lot to work with. investigators don't have a good description on the shooter and this crime scene as you can imagine has shut down mcarthur boulevard so it could cause an issue for people trying to get on to the freeway. the entrance to 580 and 80 is right there so investigators obviously plan to be out here
5:36 am
for quite sometime as they piece this together. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a fire in santa rosa, now eight people are homeless. that started at 9:00 last night at a duplex on flower avenue. it took firefighters just about 25 minutes to get that fire under control but one of the units was destroyed. the other was severely damaged. no one was hurt put the cause is still under investigation. >> 5:36. a big rig truck fire shut down highway 17 overnight. it had to be closed in both directions at summit road in the santa cruz mountains. happened about 10:00 last night. fire burn the front end of a truck and hillside but didn't break through the tank holding the hall of nitrogen inside that truck. the southbound lanes were closed for more than three hours. northbound lanes, they didn't re-open until 4:00 this morning. >> president obama is delivering his speech at the
5:37 am
democratic national convention tonight. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the secret information he will be taking to the stage, alison. >> reporter: pam the president will know the jobs report the rest of us won't learn about until tomorrow morning. of course those unemployment numbers could ultimately have a bigger impact on the election than anything president obama says tonight. the president joined former president bill clinton on stage after his speech last night. the two had the crowd roaring as they hugged on the stage. clinton called on the country to keep president obama on the job and blasted romney for his economic philosophy. >> we simply cannot afford to give the rains reins of government on someone who will double down on trickle down. >> many there are upset about the change in venue. i will have more on why the charlotte observer, the newspaper there says democrats
5:38 am
are blowing it. we will have that during my next update. live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 5:38. >> the secret service is investigating mitt romney's federal tax records. this comes after a reported theft of the records from romney's accountant in tennessee. coming up at 5:45, what is being demanded to keep those records from becoming public. >> back here at home tara is back. are we going to have a problem around the macarthur maze? >> that remains to be seen, that is shut down due to an investigation so that become an issue. let's take a look at it. traffic is flowing well. the far right side toward the bay bridge toll plaza with no delays. 880 traffic flowing nicely
5:39 am
there. finally highway 24 through lafayette, traffic on the right westbound, you should be expecting some delays as you approach the caldecott tunnel because of the lanes kind of squeezing together through the tunnel but so far not too bad. 5:39. here is steve. >> tara, thanks. well yesterday things really lit up. i mean from top to bottom. today it is more towards -- san jose santa cruz mountains south. we saw something similar to this yesterday but there is that, and there are showers doing that there. those places, so again yesterday though we had pretty good thunderstorm activity there from there to there. a possibility again today, remember when the showers pop up -- we have not had anything to eat so maybe they could do that. that is responsible for that.
5:40 am
kind of retro grading doing that so that will -- just kind of do that by tomorrow but today they will do that there and those are your temperatures and still low clouds and fog there and 50s are the temperatures and won't change that due to that and that. there is another active day there. this our forecast but again they don't pick up on that but that and you can see how they do that. those are clouds there. maybe this afternoon could do that there so stockton, tracey, the better opportunity i think areas to the north. sun and clouds, warmer inland, possibility again though of that or maybe that it is close so we have to do that. 60s, 70s and 80s for most. so much fog there temperatures are cool. the clouds disappear there but the clouds will sometime be there but next weekend with temperatures 80s inland, 60s by the coast, pam and dave. >> thank you, steve.
5:41 am
a legal battle involving them. the lawsuit they are facing over that. >> also a scare at a bank yesterday. what happened -- a very bold incident that looked like it came out of a hollywood movie. >> here is a look at the bridge, traffic flowing well. we will tell you about construction going on there that could affect your commute coming up. ?o[)!
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good morning, still some clouds, kind of showers toward there but so far that is all there now. keep an eye on those, 60s, 70s and 80s. >> welcome back this morning. good morning, hire is good morning, here is a quick look at the stories we are
5:44 am
following for you. firefighters rescued a man stuck between those buildings a little while ago there off highway 101. the chp thinks he may be a suspect in an earlier crash on 101. in san francisco a fire that sent more than two dozen people fleeing from their homes, it is under investigation now, it started at 1:00 this morning there. luckily no one was hurt, funeral plans are being made now for a public memorial for chp officer kenyon youngstrum. last night a candlelight vigil was held in his home town of fairfield. he died last night. they say he was known for his generosity, and as an organ donor his or agains will go to eight different people. >> police are investigating a robbery that looks like something right out of a movie. they say two men kidnapped a bank manager from her home yesterday and strapped what
5:45 am
appeared to be a bomb to her chest. then they drove her to the bank, made her remove the money from the vault and instructed her to toss the money outside to them. >> there were other employees inside and she explained to them what was happening and showed them the device strapped to her body. >> you can see there a robotic device blew up the device, which law authorities now say does not appear to be a bomb. the suspects got away with the money and avoided cameras. they are interviewing the manager to try to learn more about them. a florida man was arrested after showing up at a theater with pink hair and face make up resembling the joker. someone spotted him pacing back and forth in front of the movie theater yesterday. police say the 21-year-old man made no threats, had no weapons and was cooperating with investigators but of course it caused concern because of the
5:46 am
massacre at a movie theater last month. >> 5:46. new this morning the russian president says russia cap work with mitt romney if he is elected president, despite a statement by mitt romney that russia is the number 1 geo political foe of the united states. in an interview vladimir putin said he will work with whoever is elected but hissest is only as efficient as his partners want it to be. the secret service investigating the report that somebody stole copies of mitt romney's tax records. these are the records he has refused to release despite a lot of public pressure. a letter sent to his accounting firm in tennessee is demanding a million dollars to keep those records secret. the letter also reportedly said the records were stolen late last month during what was called a watergate style break in. >> two oakland men are suing in and out burger for
5:47 am
discrimination. they say they applied for jobs at restaurants there. their lawsuit claims they are qualified but were not hired because they are african american and older than 40. the suit says in and out predominantly recruits and employs young and none african american workers. the restaurant chain denies it discriminates. >> 5:47, radiation concerns on treasure island will be the focus of a meeting next week, the san francisco examiner reports the board of supervisors will have a meeting about that. they want to take it over from the navy and build homes there. reports about the bay citizen and the east bay express are suggesting the former nuclear war fear training site is much more contaminated than first thought. >> let's check in on traffic. we understand there is construction in marin county. >> yeah, we have a project going on after the golden gate bridge into marin in the opposite direction of the typical commute but just want
5:48 am
to make sure you are aware of it. right there you go. two lanes are closed on 101 northbound between the waldo tunnel and sir francis drake boulevard. at the bay bridge incline a pretty shot of the span, no delays as folks drive into san francisco this morning. 237 down in milpitas traffic on the right-hand-side there those taillights are westbound toward sunnyvale. 5:48. let's check in with steve. >> tara, thank you. well yesterday from mendocino county, lake county down there we had cloud cover and showers. less coverage today. there is still some showing up. they want to favor south of san jose. kind of that line right now. a little break in twin those clouds. plenty there. you can see right there that line forming. another active day out there also there. around gilroy in between san jose morgan hill and then towards there still some from the southwest, santa cruz down there so nothing compared to
5:49 am
yesterday but they are still there. so sprinkles, showers today and 50s on the temperatures, low, mid to upper. i don't think they will do that, just that. not as many as yesterday. looks like the low responsible for that is moving so far away that the source of that highway that it is using to bring those in will get turned off by tonight and tomorrow and see a decrease in that after today. today they are still there. now again mainly east and south but scattered showers, a possibility of thunder showers, warmer inland though. more sun compared to yesterday with that and temperatures in the 70s, even 50s and 60s there but a cool couple of days there, 62 yesterday, 63 today, oakland 67, 67 hayward, 83 livermore, 74 there, redwood city 72, those are your temperatures there and that is not going anywhere and that will be with us, temperatures warm there but cool by it. >> a few minutes ago they
5:50 am
announced jobless claims dropped last week. 365,000 people still filed for first time unemployment insurance but that is down 12,000 from the week before. it is also better than economists forecast. now they say it is a sign that hiring could improve in the coming weeks. domestic air fares are up 5% in the last year but the average price depends on where you fly in and out of. increases as high as 23%, declines of almost 10%. here in the bay area san jose saw fare hikes of 2.8%, oakland fares inched up slightly and sfo is one of the few where prices are actually down. credit card companies could soon stop offering credit protection plans after capitol 1 bank agreed to a settlement to refund 150 million to customers who bought those third party services. customer groups say offers for the plans could mislead
5:51 am
cardholders. bank of america, chase and american express have either cancelled plan or say they will. >> 5:51. for some it is a time for a buying binge. why credit cards are on overdrive there because of a new law. >> plus trying to catch the thief. the video and evidence police want you to see. here you go little man.
5:52 am
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good morning, clouds and showers about. mainly san jose toward monterrey and there, otherwise today warmer inland, temperatures 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. >> 5:54, video to show you catching a thief in the act and police want your help. look at this, the burglar there you will see him doing that and he does that. you can see his face as he runs through the stairwell of the garage with a handful of stolen goods, this not the first and one of the residents said their storage area was burglarized. >> you never really expect it when you go out to your storage to see that yours has been hit. >> the homeowners association has spent 40,000 dollars for new alarms and a camera system
5:55 am
hoping to keep it safe. look at the picture again, authorities say if you recognize anyone call the police. >> they had to be rescued this morning. they appear to be okay after getting lost in the mountains. they wondered off the trail there rescue teams were called in to search for them early this morning. we are told from the sheriff's department they were found at about 2:00 a.m. the rescuers had to battle thick brush in order to get them and get them out. opponents to the new jail are busing in demonstrators to a meeting starting in a few hours. a special committee is expected to vote on how to spend money in funding. three million could go to that. opponents want it spent on rehabilitation programs. >> amazon is not giving out numbers but there are signs a
5:56 am
lot of on-line shoppers here are doing a lot of heavy-duty shopping right now. they are trying to avoid paying sales tax. amazon has to start collecting sales tax on september 15th. depending upon where you live you could pay 7.25 to 10% tax. california expects to take in more than 80 million dollars a year from amazon alone. >> if you are getting ready to head out the door, almost 6:00, there are a few traffic incidents you should be aware of, let's check in with tara in for sal today. >> yes, good morning, 101 at steel line in santa rosa, a boat and trailer blocking the roof ramp there. the tow truck is on the way but use that in order to avoid delays. there the headlights there everything looking good. highway 4, this in that area, things are picking up. more folks there on the road this morning.
5:57 am
those headlights westbound toward concord. 5:57. back to the desk. >> all right, tara, the funeral planning has already started for fallen chp officer kenyon youngstrum, what is happening after he died last night. >> plus the bizarre rescue just a short time ago in san jose of the man who is stuck maybe in big trouble with the law. >> thunder and lightning yesterday. what about today? we will take a look at that coming up in two minutes. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. the crisp northern air of acadia, the falling leaves. the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. when i smell that, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection from air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick. [ humming ] [ babbng ]
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we will show you video of a rescue of a man who got stuck between two buildings this morning. we will tell you why he is going to be arrested. >> grieving the loss of a hero, the outpouring for kenyon youngstrum. >> why they are making history. >> thunderstorms fire up yesterday, will we see that or that? time now for that. >> complete coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel
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